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We bring the fun to you!  Let us take care of the entertainment so you enjoy the party!  We've been making kids smile with our EZ-FUN Parties since 2001.  
Our basic package is an Action-Packed Hour with your favorite activities.  Here are just a few of your options: 

Obstacle course
Bungee mat
Face painting
Hula hoops jams
Circus skills
Balloon animals
Glitter Tattoos



We'd love to customize your party and can incorporate any theme.  For example: The Incredibles, Disney Princess, Spiderman! Cars!​  

Birthday Party prices start at $350. but can vary depending on length of time, number of children, number of instructors and so on.

Let our experienced PARTY PEOPLE lead off the parade as your birthday child and friends jump right in for the romping-stomping, side-splitting, GOOD TIME to come!

Please let us know if you have any special requests.  We want to make your party a time everyone will remember!


Our most popular packages...


Musical warm up with Ribbon Flags, brightly colored equipment for the Obstacle Course - including Balance Beam, Cheese (incline) Mat and Rainbow Mats, Parachute Games, Balloon Games...and many more exciting skills!  This is our most popular party and YES - we CAN do it in almost any size space!


This party starts with a bang and includes a Hula-Palooza, Plate Spinning, Juggling, Lassos, even a Tight Rope, Magic Bubbles (You can hold them!), Acro-Balance with Partners, Stilt Walking, Pyramids... plus many more amazing circus activities!  We often end this party with a showcase of Kids Stunts.  Great photo opp!


We start with Face Painting then comes the main event, our famous!!! Clown & Magic Show!!! which includes disappearing party favors, trips and gags, even a humongous magic straw!  Once the kids get up on the stage, everyone's a clown!  Options include Pie Throwing (shaving creme with no mess clean-up), balloon animals, glitter tattoos, and such nots...


Mix any of the elements from any of the parties!


Q.  How many total children are included in the packages?

A.   Up to 12 children with one GYMSTARS instructor.  Let us know

       if you're having more children and need more instructors.

Q.   How much time will you take setting up?
A.   We need 15 minutes to load equipment and props.  This is not    

       included in your "Entertainment Time"  which is one hour unless

       arranged otherwise.  

Q.   What do I need to do to reserve my party?
A.   Simply click the "BOOK YOUR PARTY HERE!" button above.  

       Once we confirm your date and time with you, we require a

       non-refundable $50.00 deposit.  

Q.   Is my deposit refundable?
A.   Sorry, no. You may cancel your party and use the deposit

       toward tuition, merchandise, or any special event. You can

       even reschedule your party.

Q.   What if I need to change the date of my party?
A.   No problem. A party date can be switched provided we have a     

      date available for you.

Q.   Can you entertain for longer than an hour and help with         cake?

A.   Absolutely!  We can keep the party going for as long as YOU  

       like!  Let us know your plan and we can accommodate.



We just wanted to thank you so much for helping to make her 4th birthday such a special one. The kids clearly adore you & you both have this amazing talent whereby you infuse a hearty dose of enthusiasm, excitement & patience into all the activities & adventures you oversee.    Several beaming smiles is the best endorsement!!
Again, many many many thanks. Indeed we would like to ask, at this ridiculously early stage, if you wouldn't mind providing your magic for her 5th birthday !?!?!?!?
Take care,  Mrs. Garfinkel

Hello Aimee
Thank you all very much for the great work you did with the kids at the Park. MY gilrs LOVED it!
The kids were ALL involved and participating on the activities and that tells everything.
Congratulations and looking forward to have you again at their party next year.
Outside parties are stressful to organize, we never know if they are really going to happen but it did happen and we loved it.
Nice to meet you


Contact us at

or call (718) 623-8560 for more info!

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