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Gymnasts with Balls

Gymnastics and sports improve children's academics!

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Gymnastics is a sport of movement & skill. It builds strength, improves agility & develops overall balance and control. Because it builds the foundation for all other physical activities, you’re never too young or old to try!

Our athletes come for a variety of reasons, some want to compete, others want to learn specific skills & some just come for the fun of it. Whatever the reason, gymnastics is one of the best sports a child can engage in. It develops flexibility, strength, coordination, grace, a healthy body and positive self esteem. Children who take gymnastics classes also gain social and cognitive skills that aid their overall development inside and outside of the gym.

We provides high quality, exciting classes in gymnastics, circus skills, dance and fitness to children ages 2 and up. Our educational based curriculum includes weekly lesson plans that not only develop skills - - they ignite creative thinking.  We also offer fantastic special activities like Birthday Parties, Camps, Activity Nights and Clinics.

Click here for USAG's:  Guide to Gymnastics

Tumble Tots (Ages 2-4) The perfect start to Gymstars.  Parents are invited to participate (but not mandatory.) Children learn proper positioning thru visual cues and fun warm ups, then make their way around the Obstacle Course.  Each class includes balancing, jumping, arm strength and rolling.  A variety of props and equipment are introduced as well as new skills every week!  Click here for Tumble Tots Skills

Gymnastics - Skill Levels 1-3 (Ages 3 to 15) 
Action-packed with exciting skills to learn and movement routines that motivate and challenge!  Class warms up with lively music, next we condition with cross mat tumbling (no waiting in lines!)  Then our gymnasts are led through an obstacle course​ of Gymnastic & Circus skills as they master the challenges in their paths; all while having TREMENDOUS AMOUNTS OF FUN! (We perform two student shows each year in December and June!) Click below for Skill Levels
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

Rhythmic Gymnastics 
Gymnasts perform with apparatus: hoopballclubsribbon and rope.  The sport combines elements of gymnasticsdance and calisthenics; gymnasts work on strength, flexibility, agility, dexterity and coordination!  It became an Olympic sport in 1984, with individual and group all-around events.  Gymnasts develop artistry, flexibility, fine motor skills and much more. They perform acrobatics, leaps, balances, and rotations along with handling the apparatus.

Dance Classes:
From Ballet to Ballroom to Hip Hop - Our classes are made for dancers who love to MOVE!  Our professional dance instructors are well trained in making dance not only fun but educational and challenging!  We have a yearly "Dance Only" recital every Spring!  These classes are a great compliment to our Gymnastics Level Classes or for dancers only!  Click here for Dance Schedule

Hip Hop:  Kids learn all of the basics of hip-hop dance, including power moves, popping, freezing and break dancing to the latest hip-hop and pop music. Dancers will be encouraged to come up with their own funky dance sequences based on their knowledge of the basics.

Parkour:  Kids learn the basics of parkour, including rolling, jumping and vaulting. Class Program is focused on developing strength, agility, balance, conditioning and confidence in children of all levels. Weekly classes led by our professional coaches with obstacle course training at a level that is appropriate and challenging!  This gives every child a chance to learn, grow and succeed.

Self Reliance is essential

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  • Hip Hop

  • Ballet

  • Parkour

  • Cardio Party-O!

  • Circus Skills!

Y-stands are fun!

Miss Ekat, Nedra & Ella's classes have been our go-to during this time ... the only classes they have stuck with since March!  It's amazing how they keep my kids engaged over a computer.  They've learned so many skills!! - mom to PHD

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