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The most fun you can have this summer!

July 10 - August 18

CIRCUS at Green Hill School:

Week 1 Sea Side Circus!  July 10- 14 (Mon- Fri)

Week 2 Big Top Classic!  July 17- 21 (Mon- Fri)

Week 3 Wild West Circus July 24- 28 (Mon- Fri)

Week 4 Super Heros!   July 31- Aug 4 (Mon- Fri)

Week 5 Alice Gymnastics Land Aug 7- 11(Mon- Fri)

Week 6 Space Week Aug. 14- 18 (Mon- Fri)

Times: 9am- 3pm 

Extended Times available:

8am- 6pm: $22 per hour


Greene Hill School, 39 Adelphi St. Brooklyn


3 to 12 years (We group by age and ability!)



1 week:  $625/ Additional Weeks $575

Sibling Discount:

10% off 2nd child!

Yellow Pink Playful And Colorful Kids Summer Camp Flyer (3).png


at Prospect Park!

Gymnastics!  Dance!  and Adventure Outdoors!

Week 1:  July 10- 14 (Mon- Fri)

Week 2:  July 17- 21 (Mon- Fri)

Week 3:  July 24- 28 (Mon- Fri)

Week 4:  July 31- Aug 4 (Mon- Fri)

Week 5:  Aug 7- 11 (Mon- Fri)

Week 6:  Aug 14- 18 (Mon- Fri)

Times: 9am- 1pm

Extended times till 5pm - $22 per hour


Prospect Park/ Outside the Picnic House

and surrounding areas.

Ages: 4 to 12 years


1 week: $475/ Additional Weeks $450


Discount 10% off 2nd child!


DANCE CAMP at Trilok in Ft Greene:

Week 1:  July 10- 14 (Mon- Fri)

Week 2:  July 17- 21 (Mon- Fri)

Week 3:  July 24- 28 (Mon- Fri)

Week 4:  July 31- Aug 4 (Mon- Fri)

Week 5:  Aug. 7- 11 (Mon- Fri)

Week 6:  Aug. 14- 18 (Mon- Fri)

Times: (2 options)

9am- 1pm (Dancers ages 3 and up!)

9am- 3pm (Dancers ages 5 and up!)

Extended Times available 8am- 6pm: $22 per hour


143 Waverly Ave, Ft Greene Brooklyn


3 to 12 years

(We group by age and ability!)

Price:  1 week:  $625

Additional Weeks $575

Sibling Discount 10% off 2nd child!

Pink and Teal Ballet Dancer Dance Poster.png

A Summer Day with us:
Our 16th year in Brooklyn!
We strive for our campers to have sprightly, good old-fashioned, safe FUN.  Each week's themed show  inspires kids to work/play toward creating acts and perfecting performance skills for our themed show every Friday!  Parents are AMAZED at what we accomplish!
With 5 classes daily in gymnastics, circus, clown/comedy (soon to be your child's favorite class) music (w/ live accompany) art and costume making - children are so immersed in the fun of creation they forget how hard they are working!  We include weekly scavenger hunts, pie throwing, costumed special guests and daily water play to make this camp unforgettable!  Small groups allow campers to work on cartwheels, handstands and handsprings appropriate to their ability. Circus skills include juggling, plate spinning, hoop tricks and even a tight rope for a complete week of exhilaration!  Children improve coordination, self-confidence and make life-long friends.


  • We will hold classes outdoors when possible!

  • Masks are required indoors until CDC advises otherwise.

  • Temperature checks and hand sanitizer required to enter.  We social distance at 6 plus feet.

  • All handprops are for the sole use of 1 student per week and cleaned before re-use by another student.

  • Updated cleaning and disinfecting schedule daily.


Skills We Teach:

  • Gymnastics!

  • Ribbon flags, juggling and poi

  • Plate spinning, rope spinning

  • Hoop tricks 

  • Tight rope walking & pyramids

  • Clowning and improvisation

  • Music & singing w/ Grandma on piano!

  • Costume and prop making

  • Pie Throwing, scavenger hunts, sprinkler time and more zany Fun!

Circus Kits available for purchase:
  • Leotards
  • Custom hoops
  • Juggling scarves
  • Poi flags
  • Flower sticks
  • and More!
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