Updated Nov. 16: As we are constantly monitoring NYC safety procedures for sport facilities, this guideline may change.

Class Protocols

Drop off and Pick up

  • Please read our Code Of Conduct above.

  • We provide an organized "Drop Off Location" with social distance markers at 6 ft. distances supervised by a Gymstars Instructor.  Please arrive only 5 minutes prior to class time. 

  • All Students and Caregivers must wear a mask.

  • Children and caregiver (if attending class) will be asked a health question, hand sanitized, and have their temperature taken by a staff member with a touchless thermometer. 

  • Children place all belongings at provided space (6ft distance) and move to warm up space.  

  • After Class:  Children collect belongings and are assisted to the "Pick Up Location" for dismissal.  Please meet them at the designated "Pick Up" area on time.

  • Any props (Scarves, hoops, etc) used will be from your home or sanitized before each class.  

School Pick up and Afterschool PODS

  • Please read our Code Of Conduct above.

Junior Classes:

Ages 2-4

  • For Class Ages under 4, Only ONE caregiver is allowed in class.

  • All Students and Caregivers must wear a mask in addition to the Drop off, Sanitize and Pick Up Procedures.

School Age classes:

5 years & up

  • All of our "School Age Classes" are DROP OFF ONLY.

  • Your child’s first class:  We understand that this is an important time for your child to get acclimated to gymnastics. If you would like to view their first class, we will accommodate this circumstance with a seat to watch from a safe distance. Please let us know in advance so we can prepare and have your child’s name marked for special accommodation at check in.

  • All Students and Caregivers must wear a mask in addition to the Drop off, Sanitize and Pick Up Procedures.

General Info

  • All persons entering class will be asked simple health questions, given hand sanitized and will have their temperature taken with a touchless thermometer before entering. Temperature must be lower than 100 to attend class.

  • All Parent & Students are required to wear masks in the gym area.

  • Sanitize your hands in the facility at provided sanitation stations.

  • We've designed a cleaning, disinfecting system and schedule unique to each building facility and equipment and the customers we serve.  (Calendar to be displayed soon.)

  • All equipment is disinfected after every class.

Staff Guidelines


  • Staff health screening & temperature checks prior to shifts.

  • Providing masks for all of our employees. Teachers will wear mask when spotting and within 6 feet.

  • Teachers will wear masks when spotting is necessary for safe learning.

  • Class times will be 45 - 55-minutes (depending on age & class,) allowing for a complete lesson while providing a safe traffic flow between classes.

  • We lowered our student to teacher ratio to ensure class management (5:1)

  • We scaled down our number of classes offered per hour to provide 6′ social distancing.

  • Staggered our class start and end times.

  • Designed a clearly marked gym layout to provide social distancing for our teachers and students while in class.

  • Provided numerous sanitation stations in the gym so students and teachers can disinfect their hands regularly throughout class.

  • Removed any gymnastics equipment not in full use to guarantee that we are capable of cleaning surfaces after they are used.

  • Removed small teaching props that are difficult to disinfect.

Facility Guidelines


  • Provide supervised outdoor drop off / pick up for school age children (No parents or caregivers waiting in gym if possible.)  Our seating and viewing area is clearly marked and spaced for all other classes.

  • We created separate entrances and exits. One-way directional arrows on the floor will alleviate traffic while ensuring 6 ft. space is respected. Additional markers will provide reminders of social distancing.

  • Designed a cleaning and disinfecting system and schedule (available online soon) unique to each building and equipment and the customers we serve.

  • Set up a schedule for our entire facility to be regularly disinfected.

  • Providing numerous sanitation stations throughout the facility.

Other Info

GYMSTARS will comply with all mandatory guidelines put forth by the New York State Department of Health, and will comply with recommended best practices whenever possible.

Despite the measures that we have taken, there is still the potential for an employee or customer to test positive for COVID-19. For everyone’s safety, employees are required to report a positive test result, and we ask customers to please do the same.


If there is a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, we will be in direct communication with both the NYS and NYC Departments of Health and follow their guidance for how to proceed. If someone presents with possible COVID-19 symptoms, they will be directed to a quarantine area where they will stay with a staff member while awaiting transport home. All facilities that the individual camper was in contact with will be vacated, deep cleaned, and disinfected per CDC guidelines.

Good Things:

Be kind.
Be Compassionate.
Have Patience.


We PLEDGE to continue to live by our mission:

  • To Motivate & Fascinate Children In Fitness & Learning

  • To Give Each Child A Chance To Be Noticed

  • To Enrich Self-Worth & Self-Esteem

  • To Create A Safe & Positive Environment






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