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Vaccines & Masks:​
We are following New York City DOH guidance for vaccines and masks.  Optional masking for over 5 years.​
Hand Washing:
All staff and students will sanitize hands upon entering and leaving the space and at regular intervals throughout the day, before and after projects, before snacks, lunch, bathroom use etc. Communal areas like
bathrooms, sink, supply areas, and the cubby area will be limited to one student at a time, with students waiting in their designated space if there is a need for more than one student to use facilities. Areas where lines might form (such as the sink or bathroom) will be clearly marked with floor stickers indicating six feet of spacing.  Bathrooms are sanitized throughout the day.
Social Distancing:
Students will keep their backpack and lunch in a separate area with room to socially distance (6 or more feet.) While in the dance room and gym each student will be allocated their own individual zone for warm up and circuits. We will have posters and other visual cues hanging throughout the studio to remind students how to keep safe in the studio. Staff will outline the studio rules and new culture at the beginning of each session.
Cleaning Procedures:
We always strive to keep our equipment and space clean and safe.  Extra measures include dedicated mats for each child, alcohol or Lysol spray after each class following CDC guidelines. Any items or materials that are reusable will be placed in a designated area where these items can be sanitized before their next use. Common areas and surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized multiple times a day.  Each night we deep clean all equipment used and all materials.
In order to keep everyone safe, we ask that families inform Gymstars of potential infection or illness within their communities. We ask you not to send your child to class if they’ve had a fever in the past 48 hours, traveled out of NY state to a noncontiguous state in the past 14 days and have not yet met the requirements for travel, or come into contact with anyone, including family members, who have exhibited symptoms. You must answer NO to all the following questions before attending any in-person classes:
Cancellation Policy:
Classes:  Gymnastics is an artistic sport that takes dedication and endurance to achieve skills and gain the most from the experience!  Talk with your child about this commitment and don’t give up on fitness!  We always offer makeup classes (within an appropriate level and available class) for any absences.  For staffing purposes we just need to know in advance.  All payments, less the $40 registration fee are refundable 2 weeks before class starts.
Camps and Summer Extended Workshops:
All payments, less the $40 registration fee, are refundable on or before June 1. If you are owed a refund a 5% charge will be deducted from the amount to offset credit card fees for refunding.
Drop Off & Pick up:
This will take place outside the building. Please wear a mask and stay socially distanced on the sidewalk.

Do not send your child to class with any soft toys, or personal items aside from necessities like lunch, medications and additional clothing (in a sealable plastic bag).

Your instructor will meet students outside, take temperatures and sanitize hands.  Students will be shown floor markers and other tools for social distancing and will be shown where to keep their belongings in their zone.

We prefer that parents do not accompany their children unless absolutely necessary. We realize that some children struggle with separation or nervousness, particularly on the first day of classes, so please communicate with us if this will be an issue so we can schedule accordingly.

If extra time is needed on the first day of class will be permitted for parents who choose to accompany their child. Parents will be required to have their temperature scanned and hands sanitized before entering the studio. Parents must also wear a mask at all times while indoors - we will have disposable masks available.
Lunch at Camp:
Parents are required to provide lunch, two hearty snacks for their child and a full water bottle. We do not have a refrigerator or microwave for the children to use. Water from a water cooler will be provided but parents may send other drinks as well. We are a NO NUTS camp due to allergies. Please do not send any food items containing nuts.
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